(skä-lər-fī) n. an interactive reading application that explains a paper's lexicon, literature, and letters.

ScholarPhi ("ScholarΦ") is an interactive application for reading scientific papers. The vision of ScholarPhi is to provide on-demand explanations of the terms, citations, and notation that appear within in a paper. What if, for instance, a paper could generate an explanation like this one when a reader wonders what the symbol λ means?

ScholarPhi is a research project of UC Berkeley, the Allen Institute for AI, and the University of Washington. The project receives support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Allen Institute for AI. The ScholarPhi project is under active development.

Core Team

Marti A. Hearst
Professor, UC Berkeley
Daniel S. Weld
Professor, University of Washington and Senior Research Manager, AI2
Sam Skjonsberg
Principal Software Engineer, AI2
Kyle Lo
Applied Research Scientist, AI2
Raymond Fok
Ph.D. Student, University of Washington
Dongyeop Kang
Post-doctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley
Andrew Head
Post-doctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley